Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize

Beginner’s Mind Publishing has made its first nomination for the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize. The Academy of American Poets oversees the award annually for a poetry collection by a living U.S. poet.

It was a pleasure to nominate PHANTOM OF THE APPLE by John Kay, Beginner’s Mind Publishing, 2010.

The following poem from PHANTOM OF THE APPLE first appeared in 5 AM:

Who’s Who of the Dead

I see that I made it into the
Who’s Who of the Dead

and there’s a picture of me,
wide-eyed, looking stern, as if

I have a serious beef with life,
on page 727 of the fifth volume.

I’m the first of my family, and
I didn’t get in because I knew

somebody. I jumped the fence
and ran like hell from one yard

to another, and the doctors
could never catch me.

Good luck to John Kay and Beginner’s Mind Publishing.

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