On a Personal Note – Sue Ann Simar

Thanks to the many well-wishers who have provided me with support and encouragement during the past five months of surgeries and treatments. I’d like to refer everyone who is going through any kind of personal tribulation to Martin Turner’s blog site (linked here), which has a section of interdenominational prayers included. I’ve found particular comfort in the words of Thomas Merton, St. Augustine, and the Sarum Primer.
Martin’s web site as a whole makes for interesting reading. His writing skill is unsurpassed, and I want to remind everyone that you can read five of his poems in issue #2 of 10×3 plus.

I’ve started reading for the 2009 issues of 10×3 plus, and if any readers have any poems that they’d like to submit that read like litanies or prayers, I would be interested in reading them. Please keep in mind that I am not doing a Sunday school handout, but editing a literary magazine so all submissions would have to have solid literary merit to be considered. I’m interested in poetry, not preaching.

Again, 10×3 readers and contributors, thank you-thank you-thank you
for helping me with the mag and for helping me distribute the mag and for keeping me on task these past few months.

Each kindness has been a gift,


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